Automatic transmission with polyester (PE) coating

  • "ALCOPON" is a rigid composite material with a smooth surface that can easily be transformed into any shape, making it ideal for both exterior and interior finishes of buildings. It is suitable for various types of structures such as administrative buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels, and more. The use of "ALCOPON" panels allows for the implementation of modern architectural solutions. These panels will help highlight your facade, create a unique style, and give your building a prestigious and contemporary look. We offer a wide range of colors and shades, including options that resemble decorative stone such as granite or marble, providing a personalized approach to each customer.
  • Specifications:
  • - Length: 2440mm (can be customized up to 10 meters upon request)
  • - Width: 1220-1500mm
  • - Panel thickness: 2.5-5.0mm
  • - Aluminum foil thickness: 0.15-0.60mm (according to customer preference)
  • The "ALCOPON" panels have successfully passed all tests and possess certificates of compliance. Through testing, it has been proven that these panels:
  • - Maintain their shape, color, and shine under any weather conditions
  • - Are resistant to temperature fluctuations ranging from -50°C to +80°C
  • - Provide enhanced sound insulation
  • - Are 100% waterproof
  • - Are resistant to salts and acid rain
  • - When properly installed, they are not prone to deformation.
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