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“ALCOPON” is rigid, with smooth surface a composite material easily transforming into any shape that are ideally suited for front and interior finishing of any buildings. It can be service and office buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. With the help of “ALCOPON” panels are realizable any modern architectural solutions. The “ALCOPON” panels will allow you to extract your facade among the others, to create your own unique style, and will give to your building respectable, modern view. The wide range of colors offered by us and material shades, including under a trim stone (granite, marble) provides an individual approach to every customer.

  • Length: 2440 mm (can be changed at the discretion of customer);
  • Width: 1220 mm; 1500 mm;
  • Thickness of panel: 2,5 – 5 mm;
  • Thickness of aluminium foil from 0,15 till 0,6 mm (at the discretion of customer).


“ALCOPON” panels have successfully passed all tests and have the conformity certificates. Due to the testing it is proved that “ALCOPON” panels:

  • - hold its shape, color and glare at any weather and climate conditions;
  • - are sustainable for cyclic temperature drops from -50°C till +80°С;
  • - possess the raised sound insulation;
  • - thorough moisture-proof;
  • - are sustainable for salts and acid rains;
  • - under condition of correct assembling are not subject to deformations.
  • ventilated facades;
  • hinged facing panels;
  • walls and barrier walls (parapets) facings;
  • finishing of eaves and draughts;
  • facing of false ceilings;
  • shielding of balconies;
  • facing of tunnels and metro stations;
  • upholstery of passenger compartments of cars, buses, carriages;
  • manufacturing of advertisement panels, billboard, three-dimensional marks, and exhibition stands.

“ALCOPON” Aluminium composite panels are consisted of aluminium surface and filler material

The Aluminium composite panels in compliance with fire safety requirements are subdivided into:

- “А1” (“G1” according to GOST 30244) — not easily combustible (ACP with not easily combustible filler which contains not less than 75% of mineral substances and no more than 25% of polyethylene, reaching 5,4 MJ/kg of specific quantity of heating)

- “А2” (“Г4” according to GOST 30244) — combustible (АCP with polymeric filler, polyethylene)


The ACP for its intended purpose is subdivided on:

ACP for interior finishing;

ACP for external finishing


The ACP by sight of protective-decorative coating is subdivided on:


The Aluminium composite panels with coating from Polyvinyliden Fluoride (PVDF)


PVDF is a coating with the thickness containing the polyvinyl fluoride (80%) and acryl (20%). Has a glossy finish, it can be metallic type color. The PVDF is a very resistant to mechanical damages. This coating is the most resistant to ultra-violet radiation, it practically does not fade. The most time-proof covering that is ideal for walls and facades.


The Aluminium composite panels with coating from polyester (PE).


РЕ is a covering with the glossy smooth surface, appropriate for any climate conditions. The basis of the coating is the polyester paint possessing good color retention.


The Aluminium composite panels with anti-vandal coating.


Аnti-vandal coating - coating based on special polymers and solvents. Not muddy, not containing various mechanical additions. Stable to mechanical damage, the effects of fire, to a soot, grease and dust, as well as easy to clean with ordinary household cleaners. Can be used for a covering of salons of buses, carriages and etc.



Thickness of panel

Type of facial coating

Facing aluminium surface with coating


Aluminium surface of reverse side with РЕ coating


0,3 – 0,6mm

not easily combustible (polymeric-mineral)

0,3 – 0,6mm

3 – 5 mm

PVDF (Polyvinyliden Fluoride)


0,3 – 0,6mm


0,21 – 0,6mm

2,5 – 5 mm

PVDF (Polyvinyliden Fluoride)


0,15 – 0,6mm

not easily combustible (polymeric-mineral)

0,15 – 0,6mm

3 – 5 mm

PЕ (polyester)


0,15 – 0,6mm


0,15 – 0,6mm

2,5 – 5 mm

PЕ (polyester)



Name of indicator




1. Rupture strength d, N/cm2 (kgf/cm2), not less

7100 (700)


2. Elongation at failure %, not less



3. Adhesional strength with aluminium sheets, kgf/cm2, not less:

- under even breaking

- in shear





4. Shock resistance of surface at ball’s distance of fall from 170cm, the diameter of ball 42,86mm, and mass 324g

There is no shakes and layering of the facial area in the  falling points of the ball

5. Allowable stress at bending, at maximum deflection 5,74 mm, МPа (kgf/cm 2), not less

9,8 (100)

6. Transverse strength, МPа (kgf/cm 2), not less

20 (198)

20 (198)

7. Heat-resistance, °С