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Аэропорт Бухара
Bukhara Airport
Стадион Насаф карши
The stadium "Nasaf" Karshi
Здание Гранд Плаза, АндаЖон
The building of "Grand Plaza", "Andijan"
Национальная библиотека Ташкента
The National Library of Tashkent
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I have to confess that I wrote this article with the collaboration and advice of my ten years old son, Oscar. He explained to me the plots and characters of his favorite Cartoon Network Channel action cartoons. I already knew a lot about these animated shows, because all the family enjoy them every Saturday morning, and my son mastered the difficult art of record his favorite programs in TIVO so he won't miss any. He helped me rating the best top five action animated shows in Cartoon Network.

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WARNING: There are spoilers in this paragraph. After visiting the Lake of Rage and talking to Lance, he will return to this shop. He will attack the owner, who turns out to be a member of Team Rocket! The shop hides a secret entrance into the Rocket's Headquarters. The trainer must navigate the hideout and collect passwords in order to progress. At the end of the dungeon, the trainer will need to defeat or capture three Electrode, which will end Team Rocket's plans. After finishing this dungeon, Lance will give the trainer the HM for Whirlpool.


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The Q and A part of the lost panel began. This year they gave prizes to everyone who asked a question. Some of these were quite bizarre and equally hilarious - A Heroes DVD, Jack action figure, and a massive picture of Nikki and Paulo, two characters not especially popular in the Lost universe. Mathew Fox even made a surprise appearance after Damon and Carlton were arguing over weather Mathew Fox's action figure looks accurate. Here's some of the slim details we were given by the always comic team of Carlton and Damon.


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Wenn Sie ein Crafter / Handwerker. machen Sie Ihre eigenen Beauty-Produkte oder Konfitüren, was auch immer es könnte sein, dass Sie gerne tun. Sie können das ganze Jahr über im Handwerk Messen und Märkten arbeiten. In einigen U-Bahn-Gebieten gibt es gehen Märkte auf jeden Tag an verschiedenen Orten, können Sie eine Tabelle / Raum für Ihre Waren zu diesen verschiedenen Veranstaltungen reservieren.


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